The Cut

Always striving to please our clients, we ask that you describe the cut that you are looking for, in order to pair you with the stylist to fit your personal style.

Women's Haircut $27

(includes shampoo, style and shoulder massage)

Men's Haircut $17

(includes shampoo, style and shoulder massage)

Children's Cuts $12

(ages 1-10, for previously established clients only)

The Color

The perfect color needs a solid foundation. We require a phone/online consultation upon becoming a new-color guest.

We focus on new color techniques and client satisfaction.

One Shade Dimensional Color $65 (and +)

Partial Foil Highlight $55(and +)

Full Highlight $85 (and + depending on length/thickness) ($5 per additional color)

Balayage & Ombre $97 (and +, consultation required)

*Please note that prices may vary if your hair is exceptionally long/thick.*


**Waxing Prices may vary upon size and thickness**

Please view our waxing requirements before scheduling.

Eyebrow Shaping $12

Lip Waxing $9

Chin Waxing $8

Armpit Waxing $15

Arm Waxing $25

Leg Waxing $52

Lower Leg Waxing $32

Bikini Waxing $37 (and +)

Brazilian Waxing $57 (and +)

Eyebrow Tinting $14


**Please mention when scheduling if you have very long or thick hair for timing.**