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The Face

(We feature Dermalogica Skin Care Products and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup)

Relaxation Facial $52

(A relaxing, hydrating facial)

Machine Facial $55

(A deep pore cleaning facial, with extractions)

Anti-Aging Facial $55

(A relaxing facial targeting aging skin)

Chemical Peel $52

(Smooth skin texture and zaps impurities)

Microdermabrasion $70

(A deep physical exfoliation, for aging dull skin)

Microderm+Peel $92

(Consultation required)

Dermaplaning $55

(A medical grade scalpel gently glides across your face to remove all peach fuzz as well as dead skin, leaving skin smooth and bright. *Not recommended for acneic skin*)

Dermaplaning + Peel + LED therapy $92

(Combining the benefits of these powerful steps will leave skin smooth, bright, hydrated and renewed. Highly effective for improving skin texture and appearance.)

Microneedling $117

(This unique service stamps micro needles into the epidermis or even dermis, creating a controlled injury to the skin, forcing your skin to renew itself. The results of this service are fantastic for aging skin and as well as acne scarring. *Not recommended for active acne*)

Microblading $330 (includes a total of 3 individual appointments and a $50 non-refundable deposit to schedule) *Consultation required* 

This procedure is a semipermanent application. Individual hairlike strokes are deposited into the epidermis. The result is beautifully shaped and natural looking eyebrows. This is perfect for someone who has sparse/thin brows or someone who just wants to enhance their shape. 

This semi permanent form of ink application allows our Eyebrow Specialist to create natural looking hair-like strokes. Results can last up to two years, with a yearly maintenance appointment. Perfect for creating beautiful brows!

The Body

(Massage Time includes a 5 minute period for dressing and undressing. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to ensure you have the full session time.)


~We implement the Swedish style of massage~ ​

30 minute (upper-body)$40

60 minute (full body) $60

90 minute (full body) $90

Hot Stone Massage

30 minute (upper-body) $50

60 minute (full body) $75

90 minute (full body) $100

Specialty Massage

60 minute Pre-natal Massage $65

Spray Tanning $35

Infrared Sauna: 45 minutes $32

Hands and Feet

Spalonas Manicure $23

Spalonas Gel Manicure $25

Spalonas Spa Pedicure $45

Spalonas Express Gel Pedicure $35

(Includes: Nail shaping, Gel Polish and Massage)

Spalonas Deluxe Gel Pedicure $55

(Includes: Nail Shaping, Massaging Foot Bath, Scrub/Buffing, Gel Polish and Massage)

*We remove only our gel products, all other products must be removed 100% prior to your service.*

Removing gel polish $7 (Spalonas gel polish only)

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